Lady Trucker 2023 Release

BluesFund went to Holly Springs, MS in 2022 and had two recording sessions. The first was Lady Trucker which yielded this release. The second was Little Joe Ayers, one of Junior Kimbrough’s original soul, blues boys. Both are amazing examples of the North Mississippi blues sound. 

Peggy Sue Hemphill Lesueur aka Lady Trucker is cousins with famous Hill Country Blues legend Jessie Mae Hemphill. Lady Trucker is also playing Blues Rules in Switzerland this year which is a tribute to Jessie Mae Hemphill.

This Lady Trucker CD, Rollin Up On Ya, was recorded in her home and yielded five songs, Tim Scruggs played drums, Kevin Spight played bass and Janky played guitar. Cody Cotton tracked the harmonica tracks in his home studio in Blue, Texas. The CD was mixed in Austin. Texas at the Blues Fund HQ. During the session, Lady Trucker treated the band to a heaping pot of Gumbo at Janky’s request.  Janky also contributed a song he wrote to the session which is the track Gimmie Just A Little. This is a great release from Blues Fund and is a great example of the blues music that can be put out by the Blues Fund.